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With so many places to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect destination at Cruise Choice. From the wilds of Africa to the idyllic Caribbean, there’s something for everyone. Browse our locations below and discover your next destination.


Your inner adventurer is sure to enjoy the delights of Africa. From the wonders of South Africa to the cultural city of Morocco, this continent is full of surprises. We’d particularly recommend Table Mountain for its fantastic views of the surrounding landscape.


There is nothing like the landscapes of Alaska, with its abundance of wildlife, breath-taking scenery, and historical significance. Grizzly bears and moose wander freely in the wilderness, and every port is brimming with cultural sights and sounds.


Diversity and history are two words that have great significance throughout Asia. Each destination differs from the other, as cultures have clashed and merged throughout history. From the dynastic culture of China to the hidden valleys of Japan, you’re sure to enjoy your stay.

Australia and New Zealand

A cruise around Australia and New Zealand allows you to see a lot more than a land-based holiday, so it’s often hard to get back on the ship! From the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, we tailor-make our cruises to your needs.


Rich in history, arts and crafts, museums, and breath-taking scenery, The Baltics is a fascinating destination. It’s an area that is steeped in history, and the medieval scenery is sure to appeal to those of all ages.

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Explore the vast array of diverse islands and locations that the warm Caribbean has to offer. The area is well-known for its transparent tropical waters, and perfect temperatures and long lazy days are almost guaranteed. Leisure activities are also abundant, so there’s something for everyone.


Perfect for summer sun in the winter, Dubai is a city of wonders. Sunbathing, shopping, and golfing are abundant here, as the city boasts exceptional features that make it a global marvel. State-of-the-art buildings contrast traditional architecture, yet the two go hand-in-hand, creating something you won’t find anywhere else.

Indian Ocean

Mauritius, The Seychelles, and Sri Lanka are full of sights and sounds, and the idyllic warm waters are extremely welcoming. India itself is awash with colour, smells, and spices. The hustle and bustle of the towns and cities are combined with the low-rise buildings that ooze authentic charm, resulting in an incredibly unique experience.


Explore jaw-dropping destinations on a cruise from Cruise Choice. Cruises give you the opportunity to discover a range of locations, as everything can be included in your package for your convenience. Our value-for-money options are sure to suit your needs, as, drinks, activities, and the all-important transportation can be included in your cruise package. Start your journey around the world with help from our talented team.

South America

Explore the untamed wildlands of South America, or view the sophistication and cosmopolitan cities that the country offers. Wild mountain ranges and lush rainforests dominate the landscape, and its tremendous waterfalls are sure to make your jaw drop

USA & Canada

Both North America and Canada are filled with varied landscapes and architectural masterclasses. From the famous city of New York to the tranquil island of Hawaii, North America is a vast landscape that’s ripe for exploration. Canada is equally impressive, with a mixture of French and Canadian cultures, historic maritime locations, and scrumptious food.